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Engraved Gifts For Girls

Sometimes it’s hard to pick that perfect gift for the special lady in your life. Do you go for an old classic such as perfume or flowers, or do you try your luck with something new and quirky – a latest album, a new gizmo or a fashion?The trouble is that we’re all a little strapped for cash at the moment, and wish to use our stretched budgets to the greatest effect! This doesn’t mean avoiding present giving, but it does mean choosing gifts that will have meaning and go the difference! As well as it being a necessity to avoid ‘novelty’ and disposable junk during credit crunched times, environmental issues are also becoming hot topics, and increasingly people want to pick items which will last for a long time and not end up relegated to a dusty drawer or shelf – or end up being thrown out after one or two uses!As well as considering the gifts that last the test of time, consider the level of personalisation that the best gifts posses. Sometimes the best gifts of all are those which have a special meaning attached. Think back to those gifts you treasured yourself in the past – a handwritten card, a hand-made photo frame, maybe a hand-stitched teddy when you were a child! All of these gifts have something in common – they are very personal and have that additional touch on them which says that they’re just for you – and delivered with love and thoughtfulness.For this reason engraved gifts are becoming increasingly popular. For a long while they were relatively forgotten about and simply available on a small range of gifts such as trophies, sports cups, corporate items and clocks. However now there are a huge range of innovative and quirky engraved gifts which combine the best of both worlds – beautiful and enduring items that have a lot of personal significance, and also practical uses.There are engraved gifts that are suitable for christenings and new babies – such as christening bracelets, commemorative cutlery sets for baby’s first use, engraved hairbrushes etc. You can find a range of engraved gifts for anniversaries, weddings and birthdays such as engraved champagne flutes, pewter tankards and shot glasses. There are also a wide range of ‘just because’ engraved gifts that can be used for any number of occasions – decorative paperweights, love tokens, boxes and other trinkets which will be happily received by all.If you are looking to select a personal present with your own thoughtful message on, then look at these examples of engraved gifts for some ideas to charm the lady in your life!Engraved Gift Box with Heart Necklace and Earrings
This is a gorgeous and classy gift for a special person. The matching set contains a beautiful sterling silver heart necklace, and some matching heart earrings, all carefully displayed in a stylish chrome box with your chosen message on of up to 50 characters. It’s a really unique gift that will be treasured by any lady and definitely show her how much you care! These types of engraved gifts are very romantic, and whenever she wears the jewellery she’ll be able to read the message on the gift box and be reminded of the generous person who gave it to her! Definitely a gift to get pulses racing!Engraved Silver Plated Love Heart Sweet
If romance is your aim, and then there’s little more romantic than the famous Love Heart sweets! Remember swapping them in the playground when you were children? Well now you can go one up, with a beautiful real silver Love Heart, which is a faithful replica of the favourite sweet, and features ‘I love you’ on the front, and a unique message from you to her engraved on the back. The Love Heart comes in a gift box, and is the ultimate romantic and loving gift to make her day! Even better, it’s small enough to be popped into a bag, or on her pillow for a surprise gift.With these engraved gifts you’ll be well on the way to making her day and showing just how special she is to you. Don’t just leave it at just a gift either – go the extra mile and treat her to a day of your time and pampering, such as taking her for a special meal, taking her for a day out, or even just making things special at home and making sure she has a day’s rest away from the daily grind!Don’t forget things like cards either – they are also treasured for being very personal. She’ll certainly thank you for it, and the smile on her face will make all your efforts well worth it!